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Dane Dakota

Dane Dakota is a successful movie producer (Dane Dakota Productions) music composer, poet and fine art photographer. He is dedicated to advancing all the arts through his work as a way to reveal Love & Beauty in this world.

His film, Who Loves Judas? has been recognized in four international film festivals (Nominated for Best Picture - Burbank Film Festival) and is available at amazon.com or through vgraft@comcast.net).

   His book of poetry and photographs, Woman As Beauty, is available at amazon.com (enter the name, Dane Dakota.) Woman as Beauty is also avialble on Kindle.
Connect with his work by clicking on the tabs or by writing danedakota@live.com

"Killing Alex" - A New Feature Film in Production Now.

 - Plot Sketch:

On the way to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a man is pursued by several women each intent on killing him. During his journey, characters from his life appear to praise and condemn him. As the women close in, reality increasingly mixes with hallucinations. Who will succeed in killing Alex... and why?

We also recommend you visit Dane Dakota's Art at www.danesart.wordpress.com